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Welcome to the Achieve Program!

Achieve features three engaging playlists of content, each made up of three to five 10-minute modules. The modules are developed for 7th-12th grade students and feature timely & relevant storylines, diverse characters, and fun interactions to engage students around critical financial topics. Click on a playlist below to get started.

Smart Budgeting

Create a financial plan for an awesome roadtrip!

It's time to go! Learn about what it's going to take to make a plan, create a budget, build up savings, and prepare for an awesome roadtrip.

Smart Savings

Create a plan for reaching your financial goals.

Ready, Set, GOAL! Learn how to set financial goals and reach them through saving and growing your money.

Smart Investing

Explore how you participate in the economy and the global market.

Find out how you participate in the economy and get ready to learn about investing and financial markets.

Amplify your program and sponsor the 2021 National Financial Bee, a nationwide financial education competition to engage high school students during Financial Literacy Month.

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